It offers concrete data that can help identify which spheres of cognition are being affected
Allows easier access to cognitive assessments with good efficacy in a reasonable time frame.
Longitudinal follow up with repeat testing sessions is also one of its strengths
It's a peer-reviewed test that provides results that can be used to help improve care.
It allows for numeric and graphic comparisons both to 'normal' scores and also previous tests of same individual.
It lends the examiner credence when showing the results in black and white
Allows a more objective cognitive assessment and the results are often not obvious on interview
This is a valuable tool that gives insight into current cognitive levels
Results are immediately available and the data can be instantly absorbed.
People of a wide age range are able to perform this test with minimal to no computer knowledge
people appreciate having a time-efficient method of evaluating their cognition.
It's a convenient, on-site tool that provides a snapshot with a fair level of detail pertaining to one's cognitive abilities.
Provides a convenient, objective, cognitive assessment at low cost.
It is easy to use - it can be very time savvy
A more objective assessment of cognitive function
Good tool for establishing a baseline and tracking progress.
It creates an objective report.
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Made for healthcare professionals and their patients

BrainCare helps clinicians, patients & families, and researchers. It increases satisfaction in a variety of ways.

Clinicians (physicians, psychologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, speech therapists, nurses and other healthcare professionals)
  • BrainCare provides the clinician with recommendations for a structured, personalized brain training action plan based on testing
  • Simplifies the report-generation process

Patients & Families
  • BrainCare provides tangible information on current brain wellness across seven criteria, resulting in patients & families being more informed
  • Increases ability to track the patient’s progress, leading to better motivation and reduced uncertainty
  • Addresses the uncertainty when faced with the prospect of living with the effects of brain injury. Gives direction and structure for brain wellness.
  • Provides personalized recommendations for activities and brain-training products based on the most current medical research

  • NeuroTrax has been serving the pharmaceutical and academic research community since 2001
  • NeuroTrax offers a flexible and reliable service tailored to the needs of each customer
  • More information about current research involving NeuroTrax can be requested by contacting us


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